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We know that as a business traveler, it's a necessity to be on top of flights, rebookings, hotels, guided tours, conference room rentals, etc. That's why you can reach us at any time of the day.

Contact us and we'll help you create an overview and peace of mind on your journey.

Below we have gathered examples for those who are in Greenland for work, but also want to experience the country while you are here.

Inland Ice, with overnight stay and hike

The ice sheet; the 3-kilometer thick, massive surface, ice and snow - one of the…

Ice caps, tundra safaris and the Russel Glacier

Experience tundra safaris, see musk oxen, snow hares and reindeer, and take a look around…

Dog sledding in Sisimiut

The sound of dogs' paws on the snow, wind in your face and the white…

Icefjord sailing on a long weekend in October

On a long weekend, you'll be transported into a landscape where time seems to stand…
Mariannes datter

Extended weekend at Ilulissat Icefjord, April-May

Spring is on its way and in Ilulissat, the majestic icebergs form a backdrop so…

Nuuk, 5 days in the Arctic metropolis

Nuuk - the city of contrastswith its rich cultural life of art, history, architecture and…