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Narrated by Elise Bruun.

Travel by Heart

The name Travel by Heart is rooted in my passion; to give our customers the travel experiences their hearts dream of. And, my father's story of being a heart patient. For me, the two things together are about having the freedom to experience while we live.
Because when life is both good and bad, it's as if the heart speaks more clearly.

The heart knows who we are, who we love and when our heart beats freely.

The starting shot

The company was born out of a feeling that even though the world shut down during Covid-19, we could still open up Greenland to the people who live here.
From 20 years in the travel industry, I knew about customers' need to experience the world and create magical moments with each other - while feeling service and security while traveling. The "Staycations in Greenland" trips were a hit with customers and I finally took the leap to open my own travel agency.


Travel by Heart became my dream come true; to tailor travel based on each individual customer's needs. The vision is that once the customer hears our voice on the phone, we hold their hand from the start of the journey, along the way, should unforeseen things arise, until they land back home.
With our knowledge and experience, plus our customers' wishes and needs, each customer's journey is tailor-made.

You name it - we fix it! Has become our motto.

We are a team

The company has grown as the number of customers has increased. Today, we are 3 travel agents who book to and from - and not least internally in Greenland. Plus Marianne, who helps us administratively. Some of us live in Greenland on a daily basis, others have roots here.

Together we stand hand in hand with the Greenlandic society. From the providers of the many tours you can experience in Greenland, to the chefs in the restaurants, hoteliers and ship staff on the local crossings. In Greenland, you are not something alone, but by virtue of each other.

Greenland, my heart

Greenland is composed of many contrasts. The noisy silence. History, from early Inuit and everyday life coming together in one. Here is a pulse that I have not found anywhere else in the world. As if the heart relaxes here.

If you're passing through, living in Greenland, or coming from far away, my colleagues and I are ready to help you plan your trip.

A warm welcome to you!