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The ice sheet; the 3-kilometer thick, massive surface, ice and snow – one of the most extreme natural phenomena in the world – awaits you.

At the beauty of the Inland Ice Sheet, which stretches across most of Greenland but is rarely visited, you can safely explore, hike, camp and wake up the next day to a view of the ice.


Price per person. FRA:

  • Shared Double Room FROM DKK 8.695
  • Single room FROM DKK 9.995.-

(Contact us for price from Copenhagen)

The Journey Includes:

  • Flight from Nuuk to Kangerlussuaq Round Trip
  • All taxes and fees
  • Overnight at Polar Lodge or Old Camp
  • Breakfast
  • Info meeting
  • 1 night on the ice sheet with guide
  • All inclusive

The sight blew me away; imagine standing and looking out over the ice sheet and seeing the side of Greenland that only a few people get to experience.
-Frida, traveler with Travel by Heart.

The ice cap.

The Greenland ice sheet is the largest ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere. The ice covers around 1.7 million square kilometers, which is approximately 80% of Greenland’s surface. The thickness of the ice varies and in some places it is up to 3 kilometers thick. Despite the large area of the ice sheet, it is far from a given that those of us who live in Greenland experience the spectacle of watching the ice spread white against the blue-white sky.

Camp and accommodation.

At Kangerlussuaq, the only way to the ice cap if you want to move up onto the ice itself is to drive to the ice edge in an all-terrain vehicle. From here, a brisk walk into the “realm of silence” awaits you, interrupted only by the sound of your breathing and the crunch of snow underfoot.

Once you arrive at your camp for the night, tents are pitched. Your guide will help you along the way, and together you’ll cook a meal (freeze-dried, but it’s delicious with a view of the plains). When darkness falls, the warm sleeping bags in the tents are “a shelter in the night”. The starry sky is massive in all its blackness, and when morning comes, it’s overwhelming to wake up in the camp, far away from everything.

The feeling of walking on ice.

The next day you’ll go on a longer trip into the ice sheet. Here, the ice can be hard and slippery, and the surface varies from almost flat to steep and hilly. Your guide will bring crampons to strap under your shoes and you will experience how your steps on the ice are stabilized. This way you can move around more freely and explore the surrounding area.

An experienced guide will be with you throughout the tour, providing you with all the necessary information. The guide knows the area, takes into account the natural conditions on the day, and has all the right equipment for being on the ice sheet. On the way to the campsite, you’ll pull a pulk with your luggage.

The trip can be customized according to your personal wishes. Contact us for a travel quote.

Emilie, photographer at Travel by Heart.


Note / the fine print:

Please note that all our trips are subject to change, typing errors – and that changes in prices, taxes and fees may occur.