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Nuuk – the city of contrastswith its rich cultural life of art, history, architecture and an ever-present nature that surrounds the city.

Godthåbsfjorden doesn’t freeze, which is why it’s possible to explore the water by boat, fishing and kayaking all year round.

The surrounding mountains offer countless hiking opportunities and in the summer months, humpback whales come here to feed.

The journey may include:

    • Flights from Copenhagen (Roundtrip)
    • All taxes and fees
    • 4 nights / shared double room or single room, on HHE Express
    • Breakfast
    • Wifi throughout the hotel

In the meeting with you, we tailor the journey. Contact us and we’ll help you create the trip of your dreams.

Accommodation Nuuk.

With a stay at HHE Express you are centrally located and within walking distance to the city’s many opportunities. The rooms are equipped with facilities such as Wi-Fi, TV and private bathroom. Several rooms have impressive views of Nuuk and the surrounding landscape.
The hotel has its own restaurants and bars where guests can taste everything from traditional Greenlandic dishes to international cuisine.

Inspiration to experience Nuuk:

National Museum of Denmark

Get closer to Greenland’s first people and feel the line of history that extends up to humanity today.
One of the highlights of the museum’s collection is the famous mummies and costumes from Qilakitsoq in northwestern Greenland. In addition, the museum also houses the oldest and almost completely intact skin boat – the Pearyland Umiaq, dating back to the 1470s. The museum also has a large collection of Inuit transportation, including skin boats and dog sleds, as well as a prominent art and photo collection.

Nuuk Art Museum

Capturing and expressing what the eye sees and the heart feels in Greenland, in large and small ways, and respecting that not everything can be explained, but must be loved and felt, could be the idea when the old Adventist church in Nuuk was transformed into an art museum in 2005.
The collection emphasizes giving voice to the artists who come from outside Greenland and have an eye on Greenland, as well as the local artists in Greenland. Together, it offers an impressive collection of 20th-century Greenlandic arts and crafts and allows visitors to experience the interplay between traditional and new forms of expression.

Opportunity to see humpback whales

During the summer months, humpback whales visit Nuuk Fjord, which is 600 meters deep and rich in fish, providing an ideal environment for the whales to feed. Hunting whales is prohibited in Nuuk Fjord, which attracts the whales, and under protection they can feed without the risk of being hunted.

Malik Swimming Hall

In 2003, the Malik swimming pool was created by Tegnestuen in Nuuk and KHRAS architects, and the architecture is a result of the desire to create a place where nature and indoor water activities harmonize with each other. The name Malik means “wave” and from the outside, the swimming pool can be perceived as a large wavy roof shape that seems to grow out of the landscape with a magnificent view of the fjord.


It’s a special feeling to put on your drysuit and get ready for an adventure in the Arctic waterscape, looking in on land from a “water perspective”. In Nuuk, you can try paddleboarding in the old colonial harbor, where you’ll be provided with all equipment, including clothing, paddle and a personal guide. The activity lasts two hours and offers the chance to enjoy the views and tranquility of the historic area of the city. For those who wish, there are also tours where you can paddle among icebergs deep in the Nuuk Fjord, accompanied by a guide on both SUP and from a safety boat.

Katuaq, Nuuk Cultural Center

Right in the heart of the city, you’ll recognize Katuaq by its undulating facade, inspired by the flickering northern lights and the dramatic shapes of icebergs, reflected in its wave-like facade of golden wooden slats. Inside is a large concert hall, cinemas, a café and exhibition areas. Katuaq is a vibrant house with a wide range of cultural activities, including concerts, theater, dance, film and art exhibitions. Its architecture and the cultural events it hosts make it a must-see for anyone who wants to experience the heart of Greenland’s cultural life.

Restaurant Qooqqut NUAN

Reastaurant Qooqqut Nuan offers a ‘catch your own fish experience’, where you fish on a boat trip and the chefs then cook the fish you’ve caught to perfection.

Nuuk Center and shopping

Nuuk Center houses a wide range of shops ranging from local specialty stores to international brands. In addition to retail stores, Nuuk Center also includes service businesses such as travel agencies, hairdressers and bank branches.
A visit to Nuuk Center also offers eateries where you can taste both local and international food, and you can often find cultural events such as art exhibitions and music performances that add an extra dimension to the shopping experience.

Coastal path in Nuuk (Boardwalk)

The coastal path in Nuuk winds along the coast and offers magnificent views of the fjord, the surrounding mountains and the Arctic landscape. Along the way, you can observe icebergs drifting silently by and maybe even spot whales depending on the season. Also look out for birds, reindeer and Arctic foxes.
The coastal path is accessible all year round and the experience varies significantly with the seasons. In summer you can enjoy the midnight sun casting a golden glow over the landscape, while winter offers the opportunity to experience the magical Northern Lights

When the surface of the ocean is suddenly broken by the enormous animal that is the whale, I always feel grateful to be able to experience it. – Emilie, photographer at Travel by Heart

The trip can be customized according to your personal wishes. Contact us for a travel quote.
Nuuk Boardwalk

“Kyststien”, Morten, business traveler with Travel by Heart.

When I'm in Nuuk, I start my day on the Nuuk Boardwalk. There's something magnificent about being able to look out over the city while being close to nature.

Morten Bruhn, rejsende med Travel by Heart
paddleboard kolonihavn Nuuk

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