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Tailor-made travel to, within and from Greenland. Business travel, groups, large and small events, staycations, families with children and all adventurers – welcome!

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Behind the journeys are beating hearts and magnificent nature that cannot be captured, but must be experienced – come and see for yourself – Team Travel by Heart

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"In Greenland, under the sky, between the plains and with the mountains as witness, there is a silence that makes you hear your heart beat." - Elise Bruun, Travel by Heart

Customer testimonials

At Visiobox, we have clearly noticed that the word "heart" belongs in Travel By Heart - Greenland. Elise provides both a personal and professional service focused on our needs, and that is whether it is business-related or private travel. We have a long relationship with Elise, and it has only been strengthened after she started her own travel agency Travel By Heart - Greenland.

VisioBox ConsultingCompetence Development & Human Growth

I've used Elise as a ticket agent, whether it's single or group tickets, I've been so satisfied that I've always used her as an agent. I know what I get from service and it is good, therefore it succeeds every time we book, whether it is group or single trips.

Claus E. NielsenArctic Sports Greenland

At Travel By Heart, we always experience fast and highly competent service. They are always available and flexibility is top notch. When it comes to finding solutions and making things happen, Travel By Heart can work magic!


We would like to thank you for a well-organized holiday in Greenland. We were extremely satisfied - you had hit the nail on the head in terms of our wishes for an individual journey!

Anne and Christian Wæhrens

When you travel a lot, to and from Greenland, you know that flight times can change. Elise and the Travel By Heart team are skilled at moving things around to get you to your destination as quickly as possible.


Travel made with heart!

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