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Discover South Greenland with its mild climate, mirror-like glittering fjords and unique green valleys where Arctic thyme, mountain green and leek grow.

The valleys “shine” with their lovely slopes, and the hiking routes in South Greenland are known for enticing you to the next mountain ridge.

Here you can kayak, horseback ride, ATV and fish where the meltwater in the rivers ripples.

You will experience farming, sheep farming and growing productions of Greenlandic herbs. And last but not least, the ice cap awaits you in Narsarsuaq.

Travel time: Summer

10 summer days, with the possibility of extension.

The journey includes:

  • Arctic Umiaq Line, berth Nuuk – Qaqortoq, departure Tuesday
  • 1 night at Hotel Qaqortoq
  • Day trip to the hot springs / Uunartoq
  • Boat transfer Qaqortoq – Itilleq
  • Luggage transfer Itilleq – Igaliku
  • 3 nights at Country Hotel with shared facilities and dinner
  • Luggage transfer Igaliku – Itilleq
  • Boat transfer Itilleq – Qassiarsuk
  • 1 night at Illunguujuk Guesthouse in Qassiarsuk with shared facilities
    • Cooking on your own
  • Baggage transfer Qassiarsuk – Tasiusaq
  • 2 nights at Sermilik Guesthouse with shared facilities
    • Incl. food
  • Luggage transfer Tasiusaq – Qassiarsuk
  • Boat transfer Qassiarsuk – Narsarsuaq
  • 1 night at Hotel Narsarsuaq with shared facilities
  • Breakfast
  • Air Greenland Narsarsuaq – Nuuk, Thursday

In the meeting with you, we tailor the journey. Contact us and we’ll help you create the trip of your dreams.

Let the adventure begin Sailing route from Nuuk – Qaqortoq,

Arctic Umiac Line is a passenger ship that serves cities and settlements, travelers and locals for whom the ship is a means of transportation.

The journey takes about a day and a half and you’ll have a berth on board to sleep and relax.

“Some play cards, others watch movies in the lounge and a few might play guitar. In a way, there is a sense of unity among those who sail with us.” Najârak´ , travel consultant at Travel by Heart and resident of South Greenland.

Qaqortoq – endless hiking, art and locals.

Qaqortoq, with just under 3,000 inhabitants, is the largest town in South Greenland. The area is ideal for hiking the same trails that the area’s sheep use. The vegetation here is proportionately more lush than the rest of Greenland, and trees, shrubs and herbs seem very present on the many hiking trails.

We recommend checking out the permanent exhibition “Stone and Man”, where 18 Nordic artists have created over 30 works of art, either by carving directly into the city’s rocks and hard granite, or into boulders around the city and its surroundings.

Staying with local farmers, experiencing sheep farming, seeing sealskin sewing and visiting an agricultural station experimenting with growing crops in sub-Arctic conditions are just some of the many opportunities that await you here. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you arrange it.

Day trip to bathe in the hot spring surrounded by icebergs on the island of Uunartoq.

Uunartoq is known for having Greenland’s only hot spring and where the water temperature is suitable for swimming. Warm water bubbles up through the sand, just a few meters from the fjord, and it’s quite amazing to descend into the water with a view of the icebergs. The island is relatively isolated and there is a sense of being far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and with the opportunity to explore the ruins of old Norse settlements, time can somehow seem to stand still.

For the best experience, we recommend bringing appropriate clothing, such as swimwear, towels and warm clothes for after the shower. There is a small house/shed where you can change clothes.

Igaliku – the cascading waterfall, swim in the river and hike to the top.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of “landing in a good place” that our travelers tell us makes Igaliku a place you want to visit again and again.
With only 30 inhabitants, the settlement is surrounded by the Illerfissalik and Sulussugutaasaa mountains and the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Here you’ll find a wealth of nature experiences in abundance. Swimming in the big river, experiencing waterfalls, climbing mountains, visiting sheep farms, horseback riding, eating the local food (and there are no mosquitoes here due to the many sheep) are just some of the things that make life here enjoyable.


has a small airport and may appear to be the gateway to South Greenland. With history from World War II and the Cold War, a museum, cafe and restaurant, as well as the Flower Valley with orchids and meltwater in the river and icebergs floating in the fjord, the village has a wealth of significant opportunities to see, taste and touch.

The ice sheet, Narsarsuaq.

From Narsarsuaq you can go on a tour and experience the ice cap. It is not possible to walk on the ice sheet at this destination as the glacier has collapsed, but can be seen from a distance (and felt in the cold that hits you).

Contact us and let’s talk about your options for experiencing the Greenland Ice Sheet. We have different hiking routes and transportation options that either extend or shorten the trip, taking into account your fitness, time and weather conditions.

On the tour you will experience the coast of Greenland - and the more ice, the more the "wow effect". - Elise Bruun, Travel by Heart.