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Let yourself be transported into a landscape where time seems to stand still and where majestic icebergs form an impressive backdrop for your mini-break.

In Oqaatsut, a fishing village, you will get a rare glimpse into a daily life where the inhabitants work in harmony with nature and Greenlandic traditions.

By kayak, you’ll experience gliding through the crystal clear water, maybe even see whales, and get up close to the ice artwork that towers and sparkles in the sunlight.

The journey includes:

  • Flights from Nuuk to Ilulissat Round Trip
  • All taxes and fees
  • 4 nights at Hotel Hvide Falk, in a standard double room
  • Transfer
  • Breakfast
  • Free WIFI at the hotel
  • You will experience:
  • City walk
  • 1×2-course menu
  • 3 hour kayak tour
  • Boat trip to Oqaatsut incl. Lunch and dinner

Accommodation – in a historic hotel.

Your stay at Hotel Hvide Falk is in a shared double room with a view of the city. The hotel has been – and still is today – a link between the local community in Ilulissat and visitors from all over the world.

City walking, the early Inuit and life today.

On a guided city walk, you’ll learn about the historic “Hotel Hvide Falk”, the “Zion Church”, the “Brættet”, the harbor and various viewpoints. Each place holds a special significance to Ilulissat, with stories of how the city has evolved, where it is today – and where it is heading.

Experienced guides will be assigned to the tour and they will be inspired by you as a participant, your questions and interests, and together you will create a unique tour.

Kayaking – the clear water – and you sailing by the home of the icebergs.

Kayaking “qajaat” in the Ilulissat Icefjord combines physical activity, the opportunity to connect with nature, and experience one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth – and maybe even sail close to whales.

Imagine sitting in a kayak designed to maneuver you smoothly through the Arctic waters. The water around you is crystal clear and reflects the vast blue vault of the sky. As you glide forward, the only sound is the paddle gently cutting through the surface of the water and the faint creaking of icebergs slowly moving in the fjord.

Ilulissat Icefjord is known for its colossal icebergs, which originate from the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. The icebergs can be enormous, some reaching heights equivalent to multi-storey buildings, and they flow majestically through the fjord. Kayaking is a unique opportunity to get up close to these giant ice formations, see their incredible shapes and experience the deep blue color often found in the depths of the ice.

Thanks to well-trained kayak guides, modern equipment and a strong focus on safety, both beginners and experienced rowers can kayak safely between the icebergs in Ilulissat Icefjord.
An experienced guide will tell you about the area and introduce you to the history of the original kayak, which was made from sealskin and wood more than 4000 years ago.
The temperature in Ilulissat can vary and even in summer it can be chilly, especially close to the ice. So dressing warmly is a must.

Boat trip to the settlement of Oqaatsut.

20 kilometers north of Ilulissat is Oqaatsut, a settlement of around 30 inhabitants. The name Oqaatsut means cormorant, referring to the many cormorant mountains in the area.
Locally, the settlement is also known as Red Bay, which refers to the blood of the whales that have been hauled ashore here for centuries – and still do today, although not in the same way today.

The boat trip to Oqaatsut gives you the opportunity to experience the icebergs and the surrounding landscape, and both along the way and at the destination, breathtaking nature is your companion.

Midnight sun and the taste of Greenland.

In summer you can experience the midnight sun, where daylight reigns 24 hours a day and the landscape is bathed in golden light. In winter, you can experience the magical Northern Lights dancing across the night sky. Whatever the season, the area offers opportunities to hike where nature seems untouched and perhaps even observe wildlife, including whales, seals and abundant birdlife.

Culture is also part of the visit to Oqaatsut, with stories about Inuit culture, how it is present today, and the opportunity to visit the local shop or enjoy a meal in one of the village’s small, cozy restaurants or coffee shops.

With a guide, you will visit the village school, church, fish factory and hear the history of Oqaatsut as a community and as a former whaling village.

The sight of a calving glacier, the grandeur, and the colors of the ice melting and collapsing without warning – I’ll never forget it!
– Emilie, Travel by Heart photographer


The trip can be customized according to your personal wishes. Contact us for a travel quote.

Hotel Hvide Falk.